I Don’t Have Time To Workout

I hear this way too often and I am guilty of it myself. After I had Mila I would constantly tell myself that I am just going to stay fat because I have no time to workout. Little did I know, I was spending countless hours sitting on my bed binge watching anything and everything on Netflix. Ricky would leave the house with Mila and I on the bed and return 8-9 hours later to find us in the same spot. That’s frustrating for him to see me just lay there and he didn’t know how to help me. So, it would come out during random moments and I would turn it into an argument. I would say I just wish I had the time to workout or I hate my body, I’m so fat. His response would be, “Well why don’t you go to the gym? Let your grandma keep Mila.” THISSSSSSSSSSSSS would set me off because although I would say I needed to workout and that I thought I was fat I did not want to hear it from my husband. Now, Ricky did not say it to be mean but just to let me know I could do it. I did not see it that way. I saw it as my husband thinks I am fat too and he is probably cheating on me or looking to be with someone else because I don’t look like how I did before I had Mila. It would literally make me into a bigger mess and it was the worsttttttt!! We eventually got out of this funk when we moved and signed up AS A FAMILY at a local gym.

I would go sporadically and not really take it seriously because I felt like people were judging me. I felt like I did not know what I was doing and that was embarrassing to me. I took some boot camp classes but would convince myself I did not have the time because they were at 6am and I did not want Ricky to be late to work. Then I would go during the day and use the excuse that Mila is a lot of work for the child center and that I did not want to put them in that position. We were spending money at this gym and I was not utilizing it. This place is essspensive okay? I say it that way because it is like ridiculous how much we pay but we literally pay for all the luxuries they have. They have a state of the art child center, full fitness center, an assortment of fitness classes, an indoor and outdoor pool with water slides and kiddy pools, 3 saunas, steam rooms, like 40 freakin showers in each locker room (men and women), 2 full basketball courts, squash rooms, a spa and a cafeteria. LIKE WHAT!!! But guess what? Now, we use it all.

Right before our family vacay in December 2018 I started seeing my personal trainer once a week. He then told me that I HAVE to change the way I eat if I want to see any results. I am Mexican and Laotian. EVERYTHING is fried or cooked with a lot of oil and served with rice, tortillas, or bread. Like how am I supposed to do that. but I did.

I went on a 14 day all veggies/fruits detox. It was tough and i was supposed to do 21 days but Christmas and vacation was coming up and I did not want to feel limited on those days. Some of yall are probably like I could do that all year round, well good for fucking you but I am not you lol. I was very proud of this accomplishment!!!

I ate what I wanted over Christmas break but I also watched how much I was eating. My main problem is that I over eat. ALL THE TIME. There is nothing I do better than over eat everything. I did not do that during this time and I don’t know how to explain how much better I felt about myself.

When we returned we did the typical 2019 new years resolution of being healthier but we really went in with it.

I joined WW (Weight Watchers Re-imagined) with my mother-in-law. I took my weekly training sessions more seriously.  I added more days to workout. I took Mila with me to the gym and I stopped making excuses for myself and stopped the pity party I was giving myself.

This is how I did it. This is how I planned it out. And I know you can do it too.

So, I am in love with planners, stickers, pretty colored pens and markers, white-out, washi tape, stencils, and so many more things I cannot possibly list them all.

I bought an Erin Condren planner. LIKE A LIFE PLANNER. IT IS MY LIFE. I cannot stress how important this is to me and it may benefit you too if you like writing out your plans and goals.

Every week, I will plan out a week of workouts. Yoga, Barre, Cycle Class, WHATEVAAAA. I plan to go EVERY SINGLE DAY. I don’t just say, I am going to yoga today. I put in my planner under March 5th 2019- Cycle Class at 930am. When you create a plan like this it makes it that much easier to actually do it. I do this for every single day, even the weekend. This allows me to stick to a schedule. This also allows me to make it to the gym AT LEAST 4 days a week. I plan this way because I know how I am and how busy I am and sometimes things come up last minute and I cannot go to the gym. I keep myself accountable this way.

Now, for the days I do not go to the gym, I will do workouts at home. This sounds lame I know but it’s not bad! I have a medicine ball and some weights at home and Mila loves to copy me or interrupt… depending on her mood. I watch YouTube videos in order to do this or I will do workouts that I have done with Lamare that does not require any type of equipment.

Here are a couple of my favorite YouTube channels and videos to workout at home with:

Blogilates I am currently doing her 30 day ab challenge!
20 Min Full Body Workout
Abs and Booty
30 min Tabata
Yoga Stretches- 10 min
30 min Yoga

So I do technically workout 6-7 times a week and I do this because I want to be healthier and I want a hot body. I want to be one of those hot mamas that can rock whatever the hell she wants and have no shame about it.

I know that some may have expected that I discuss step-by-step tasks to do to get to this point but if I am being honest.. there is not right or wrong way to do this. For me, it was going ALL in. For others it may be starting out one day a week. For some it may be needing to be a positive space emotionally and mentally before they start doing something like this and that is TOTALLY OKAY. You need to take care of yourself, mind, body and spirit in all ways possible. This was a way I was able to take care of me. I have a goal and I know I will make it. I don’t want to feel sorry for myself or make others feel sorry for me. I am done doing that. That gets me nowhere and I have such big dreams and ideas that I cannot allow myself to be held back.

With all of that being said, If you are struggling.. please reach out! I would love to help. I would love to help you figure out steps to find the stronger you. Do not hesitate 🙂



April- The New Mom On The Block


Zucchini Lasagna

Alright guys, this is one of my favorite low carb AND WW Friendly recipes I have ever made. I am so excited to be able to share this with you guys.

I am a sucker for all things Italian. Italian food, Italian wine, Italian clothing, Italian culture, Italian men (aka my husband) LOL

but I LOVE Lasagna. It is one of my favorite things EVER. I got a recipe from an old friend about 5 years ago and I just had it by memory and I modified what I remembered.

Let’s get started!


What you will need:
1) 2 Large Zucchinis
2) 1 lb of ground turkey (99% lean) Anything else will modify the points for this with WWFreestyle
3) 1 can (15 Ounces) of Tomato Puree
4) 1 small white onion
5) 1 Cup of Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese
6) 1/2 Cup of Grated Parmesan Cheese
7) Pam’s Olive Oil Cooking Spray
8) 3 tsp of Dried Oregano
9) 2 tsp of Salt
10) 1/4 tsp of Cayenne Pepper

How to make it all:

  1. Cut the ends of the zucchini off and slice it long way to create Lasagna Zoodles. I use a slicer because it is WAY easier but if you do not have one, it is not a big deal. Just make sure they are about an 1/8 of an inch thick.
  2. I heat a skillet with pam cooking spray and keep it at medium heat. I place the zucchini in for about 1-2 minutes on each side. You can skip this step if you’d like, I just like my Zoodles to get a little crispy bite to them. I set them aside but keep the skillet on.
  3. I dice the onion and place it in the skillet over medium-high heat. I allow them to brown and then I add in the ground turkey. I cook this all for about 5-8 minutes
  4. I will add the tomato puree to the skillet with ground turkey and onion, continuously stirring it. I let it simmer and thicken for about 5 minutes in the skillet.
  5. I then add the oregano, salt and cayenne pepper to the ground turkey mix. Remove it from the heat and let’s get the casserole pan ready!
  6. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
  7. Spray any pan you have using Pams Olive Oil Spray. I used a 9×13 inch casserole dish but any size will work!
  8. I take the zucchini and create a layer. I just kind of lay them out any way they will fit in the dish.
  9. Pour in a portion of the meat sauce. (the portion will depend on the size of the pan) For me it was about 1/3 of the meat sauce.
  10. Sprinkle a layer of mozzarella cheese over the meat mixture.
  11. Repeat steps 8-10 until you reach the top of the dish.
  12. Sprinkle the remaining mozzarella cheese and the parmesan cheese onto the top layer.
  13. Bake for 40 minutes.
  14. Allow lasagna to rest for 10 minutes before serving.

**THIS MEAL IS 3 SmartPoints per serving. I had 6 servings.


Have fun with it and create the best memories whether you are cooking alone, with your significant other, or with your kids. The dish will come out amazing no matter what! 



Self-Care Indulgences

Alright, you asked and and you shall receive! Here are my favorite ways to practice self-care.


  • Yoga- I recently picked this up and OH EM GEEEEEEEEE! I do not know why I was so afraid to try it before. I take classes now either at Lifetime Fitness or at Performance Power Yoga- Lawrenceville, GA Yoga helps me release any tension my body has and helps with my flexibility. I used to be a ballerina so getting back to stretching and all that jazz is so comforting. Classes are usually about an hour long and I’ve only taken a few classes but it is definitely a time for me to relax and think of a new mantra for the following week.


  • Working out- I started to dedicate time for this at the beginning of the year. I tried sporadically from May last year but I could not stay committed. The way I am able to fit this into my schedule is by planning (in my Erin Condren planner) that I go to the gym every single day. I will plan out specific times and classes. By planning this way, I know that I can make it to the gym at least 2-4 times in a week. (I include yoga in this 2-4 times also)


  • Hair Appointments- Mamas!!!! YOU NEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDD this time. I literally live for hair appointments. For me, I am usually going lighter in color so my hair takes a long time to lift. I can estimate an easy 3-6 hours. My hair appointments are usually with my mother-in-law and it is fun because I get a chance to bond with her. My latest trip was not with my mother-in-law but I still had a good time with another mama!


  • Time at Starbucks- I live here. I love here. I need here. Some days if my mom is in town or if my grandma has Mila anyway because of Yoga or class then I will take my sweet time at Starbucks to finish my homework or research how to make this blog AHMAYZING. Either way, I cuddle up with a nice iced tea or iced coffee and I have at least an hour of self-care time.


  • Cooking- I love to cook. Like, it is literally my passion. I am all about making new recipes or modifying some that I see on Pinterest to make it something my family and I would like. Now that I am on WW-Weight Watchers Reimagined I find ways to make some of my favorite recipes very low carb and keep the SmartPoints down to a minimum for sure! It’s been so much fun and I’ve lost like 4 lbs in 2 months! That doesn’t sound like a lot, I know but I have gone down a pant size! and I can fit back into a size small shirt and I am digging it. I meal prep for my family on Sundays. I will meal prep lunch for sure but for dinner I make more of a big batch for 3 nights of dinner because I make a different dinner one night when my dad and mother-in-law come for dinner and then on the weekends we tend to eat out or we have some leftovers we can devour! I have this easy, 2 hours alone in the kitchen doing what I love to do and sometimes the kids pop in every now and then but for the most part Caleb knows that is my time and Mila is starting to understand that her space is in the living room with the toys I never pick up. LOL


  • Shopping- So, even if it is window shopping this still counts mama! I have been on a fairly strict budget because we would really like to maximize our savings this year. I use about $200 a week and it’s a lot easier than you would think. I know what you’re thinking… $200 is a lot a week but when you’re a mom of  2 and a student who goes to school in different counties (2 different campuses on 2 different days) than where you live you tend to spend a lot of money. I fill up on gas once a week, that’s $45. I buy groceries for our separate dinner that I stated above and that is approximately $50 max! Then I have $100 to just spend on me…LOL YEAH RIGHT. One of the kids always ends up needing something and $100 can go just like that! Sometimes I am able to spend it on self-care stuff but most self-care things I accumulate from leftover funds from other weeks and that is an amazing feeling! Shopping can be at the mall, at TJ MAXX, Ross, Marshalls or my favorite…. TARGET. I can roam around these stores for hours and not buy a damn thing but I will have an idea of what I want for special occasions and that will be my goal until that occasion. It is a lot more fun than it sounds especially when you don’t get that quiet time when you’re grocery shopping lol.


  • Lash Appointments- THIS, THIS is my all time fave. I’m talking Lash Extensions ladies. I am in love with getting these babies done because I can rock the no make-up look all day, errday! It’s empowering, honestly. I mean how nice is it to just wake up freakin flawlesssssss. My lash appointments last about 1 hour-2hours depending on if I need a whole new set or if I am just getting a fill. Plus, the drive there is about 30 minutes of pure bliss AND I take a nap while I get my lashes done. I am pretty sure my lash tech has heard me snore more often than my husband has. I am in the deepest sleep when I am there while I am getting pampered. Can I ask for anything else? Book your appointment with Jaira


  • Facials- I had my very first facial EVER about a couple months ago. I haven’t been since even though I have some prepaid facials on the books, it is just a time thing. Sometimes I don’t have the time in my schedule and to be honest I feel like I need like an hour after to not have kids to reap the full benefits of a facial! I am the most relaxed when someone is just pampering my face. I struggle with dry skin and larger pores and nothing is better than lookin like a million dollars when I walk out. I feel like Beyonce! My first facial was with my lash tech. SHE IS AMAZING. So amazing that I will repost her link in this bullet point also. I also love, love, LOVEEEEE Timeless Aesthetics Med Spa of Atlanta. The staff there is just so freakin’ amazing. I am in love with all of them and how cozy and comfortable I feel when I am there. When I get a facial, I really do feel like I got my mom juju back so why wouldn’t you want to feel that way?
    Book with Jaira
    Book at Timeless Aesthetics Med Spa of Atlanta


  • Networking events- My husband and I used to go to a couple of these and we loved it! We went when we were just dating so it has been a while but it’s such a great way to watch each other thrive in a social environment. My husband and I are both passionate about what we do and seeing each other express that passion is like HOT. You feel me? There is nothing I love more than watching my husband be an expert in his field and vice versa. We will pick this back up now because talking about it makes me want to book a couple years worth now. 😉


  • Date Night- This is SOOOO FREAKIN important. Alone time with your spouse is a must. Hubby and I try to do this at least once a week. Sometimes 2 times a week, if we are lucky. We get to talk about things we forgot to or we spend our time gushing about our kids. We try out a new restaurant or go get something we are craving since we are both on low-carb “diets”. I hate the word diet so that’s why I placed them in quotation marks lol. We love Asian food so typically we love Korean BBQ or Sushi… AND WINE. Lots of Wine.


  • Taking a shower/bath- This seems like a simple task but it is not. I promise I never knew what a real quick shower was until I had kids. You literally wash what is necessary and get the fuck out. As soon as the baby is asleep, I jump in that shower so quick it is not even funny! But lately, I have found myself waking up early to tackle this self-care task. My husband gets up at 3:45am every morning to go to the gym. Sometimes I will get up and make my tea: hot water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and apple cider vinegar. I’ll enjoy a few moments alone in bed and then jump in the shower or read. You have no idea how amazing this has been. My day is up and running and I have the whole freakin day!


  • Lunch with friends: OR BRUNCH! lol I have made it a thing with 2 of my girlfriends to grab lunch once a month. We are all busy and sometimes that’s all the time we can commit to that and that is okay! Sometimes I can’t see some of my friends for a couple months and that’s OKAY TOO. You do not need to see your friends every day or even every weekend in order for them to be your friends and it took me a long time to realize this. I now treasure my time with friends so much more now and it is usually over food and that is the absolute best thing EVER.



April- The New Mom On The Block

Struggles with PPD

Hey guys! Welcome back to another post with The New Mom On The Block.

I’m desperately searching for a welcoming opening so if you have some ideas, let a girl know and I will praise you and give you a lifetime supply of shout-outs on social media 🙂 

I think it is time I bring up the topic of PPD, Post Partum Depression for those who do not know what it is, and how real PPD really is. It’s like a real life monster that comes and goes when it feels like it to ruin your life. You know that Zara Larsson song, Ruin My Life? Catchy right? But YEAH, NO, LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE PPD, I don’t need anything ruining my super blessed life at the moment, k? Thanks.

I struggled with PPD after having my first child, Caleb. A lot of people don’t know about it and I would have rather no one know about it but it is an important topic to talk about.

As I type this out, I cannot help but think of all the people from high school that are going to read this and tell me I am a liar because I did not seem unhappy in high school after having my son. Just thinking about this gets my heart racing and my anxiety reaches a whole new high because I still do care about what others think of me despite how hard I am trying to not let that kind of stuff get to me.

When I had Caleb I was 16 years old. I was a Junior in High School and I was in a really difficult situation. I WAS 16! That is difficult enough. 16 years old. I was a baby and I just had a baby. It’s so crazy when I think about it because like I was 16. I mean, I can’t even stop thinking and typing “16” because that is so freakin’ wild to me even though it happens a lot. I mean, there is a whole show about it on MTV (or is it MTV2 now?!). I was not mature enough to be a parent. I barely got out of puberty and to be honest I feel like I wasn’t even done with puberty until I was like 21. I was a kid who still got upset and slammed doors when my mom would tell me no, how on earth could I possibly have a baby. But I did. Shortly after I had Caleb, his dad and I were done for good. WOOWWWWWW, APRIL. You are a 16 year old parent and have a baby daddy. Definition of trash right? That’s how I felt. I kept trying to convince myself that I was meant to be with my son’s father no matter how many times I saw that it just was not going to work out. I was scared. The first couple days after we broke up I lied to my mom and told her that he was just hanging out at his moms for a while, he was kind of staying with us but not really.. we lived down the street from each other so weird I know but anyways, I lied because I was afraid to tell my mom I was officially a SINGLE TEEN mom. The shame I have already brought to my mother and now this.

Before I had Caleb, I was an honor roll student who took honors and AP (Advanced Placement) classes and had dreams of becoming the greatest teacher in the world. When I started dating Caleb’s father I let my academics pass me by. I failed a couple classes and retook them in summer school. I felt like a rebel and I liked it. People started to know who I was (for the wrong reasons) but I was getting recognized by people. I was 15 when I made the decision to lose my virginity. OMGGGGGG 15. I cannot with myself right now. I was pregnant shortly after and it was the most emotional roller coaster ride of my freakin life! I always felt that Caleb’s dad was cheating on me and he was. I didn’t want to tell people though. I was so ashamed. I mean, I gave this kid (KID, I SAID IT!!) the cookie. My sacred cookie.. like the one that I don’t even like looking at. I had an awful pregnancy, not just emotionally but physically. Caleb tried to come into the world 3 different times and I was given medication to stop contractions and eventually I was placed on bed rest. I had Caleb 3 weeks early and at the end of my 1st semester of Junior year and I was a damn mess.

I’m foreign, I hate saying that because like technically we all are but whateva, I am half Mexican and half Laotian. My family does not see what PPD is. If you are in a state of mind where you cannot take care of your child or you feel inadequate or you cry too much because it is stressful then you are just a bad mom. PERIODT. There is no, maybe having a baby at 16 is emotional for you? NAH BITCH, you just weak. My parents never knew of my struggles with PPD and neither did my friends. I hid it very well. I had a really low point once… I just felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. I was so frustrated with school work and my friends moving on with their lives and looking at colleges out of state or even looking at where they were going to live after high school and me knowing I would still be with my mother. I have asthma.. so I have an inhaler. One day after school I was home by myself and I just could not stop crying. I could not stop being so ugly to myself and I decided I didn’t want to be myself or even know myself anymore. I took my inhaler, full of medicine, and emptied it. My heart began to race quickly. My heart rate was only increasing and I just felt so relieved. Typing this, I am so emotional, sitting in a Starbucks about to cry my eyes out, crying my eyes out because I let myself be in such a dark place and I couldn’t talk to anyone about it. I laid in bed thinking, here I go off to somewhere happier where I can handle anything and everything because I will have no worries. I started to look around and I looked at Caleb’s crib. WTH have I done, I can’t leave. I can’t go. I quickly called 911 because I realized how selfish I was being. My life wasn’t as awful as I thought. It was so perfect (at the time I still wasn’t thinking this but it was). I couldn’t leave Caleb to be without a mother and father. I couldn’t let him be one of those kids who gets raised by their grandparents (I don’t have a problem with this but I could never leave my child to do this if I had a choice) with unanswered questions about why their parents didn’t want them anymore.

Even when I got picked up by an ambulance, I played it off really well. They asked me questions, whats your name, age, what happened, blah, blah, blah. I simply told them that I tried using my inhaler because I was having an asthma attack and I thought I couldn’t get anything out but apparently I got too much. I remember this like it was yesterday because I had never told a lie like that in my life and it still eats me up inside that I tried to do that to myself and that I put my son in jeopardy. After that no matter how much I felt like I was struggling, I couldn’t leave Caleb. He is my everything, he brings me the most happiness in life and I was being selfish. I continued to deal with PPD but because I was not getting any professional help or because I did not have an outlet it did not go away.

Flash forward to finding out we were pregnant with Mila.

So, my kids have different biological genes. THEY HAVE THE SAME FATHER. My husband is the greatest father to both of OUR kids and I will not allow my kids to hear otherwise from different people just because you do not agree with it. 

Mila was an accident again, WTH is wrong with me? Why can’t these babies be planned LOL
Ricky and I had just gotten back together. We went on a 6-month break because we both needed to figure out what we really wanted. I woke up one morning and just fell out of bed. Ricky was playing golf.

Now, He and I had already had the talk about kids and we pretty much decided we were okay with just Caleb because we both had careers we wanted to focus on. 

I called him right away and asked him to take me to the doctor. I thought I had like alcohol poisoning because the night before I went to a going away dinner for a coworker and we got pretty lit off margaritas. We go to the doctors and I was having trouble breathing and still felt extremely light headed. The doctor came in and said, “You had a slight asthma attack so I am prescribing you another inhaler but you’re so lightheaded because you’re pregnant!” Ricky and I literally both said “OH SHIT” I started crying and bless this doctors heart. She said “Are those happy tears?” I yelled at her that NO they were not and she decided to give us some time alone. Every thought from my first pregnancy came to my mind and I just couldn’t handle it.

Things were tough with Ricky and I for a while. We considered an abortion and I just could not do it. We weren’t ready! We couldn’t have ANOTHER baby. I was just getting back into my career at the bank and he started a new career as an accountant. This pregnancy was the same emotionally and physically. I had a threatened miscarriage early in and from there my body was a mess and so was I… AGAIN. I was jealous of Ricky being able to do or eat certain things. YES, I said EAT. I’m a fatass and love my food. I was jealous that he wouldn’t lose his friends because he could still go out on the weekends with them to the bar or clubs and I couldn’t. He didn’t go often but when he did I was awful and definitely made him feel like shit. I accused him of everything in the damn book because I was as big as a house and everyone was telling me how your body is never the same after the 2nd baby. My husband is going to freakin leave me is what I kept thinking to myself.

We got engaged after we found out I was pregnant. This did not sit well with me. Like I was happy because I knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together but I felt like he only did it because I was pregnant. I still thought this even when everyone was like “OH, it came early! He said he was going to propose on your vacay in the summer in NY.” I still didn’t believe it. We got married that summer and I was still a damn mess and continued to be so because I did not feel good emotionally or physically. I was in constant pain and was throwing up ALL THE DAMN TIME. Everything made me sick and there are things I still won’t eat now! I was worried about PPD because I thought it just magically went away for me but my new PPD just went on top of my old PPD. IF that makes any sense.

I had Mila around the same time Caleb turned 9 years old. The only thing that really went through my mind after I had her and got my tubes tied was “I am still freakin fat” We have pictures from the hospital and I HATE them so much because I just look unhappy because I was not in a positive head space. Ricky and I had our own personal issues, not with each other but with things going on in our own lives. Yes, when you’re married you can have separate personal issues. It was tough, so tough for us. Ricky would drink, this is how he coped. I would eat and do nothing.

I was a new stay at home mom. I didn’t want to be. Everyone told me the benefits and I understood that but I wanted to work. I loved my job and I wanted to grow there. Now where was I going to grow? The damn couch? Do not get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE seeing Mila grow and watch every milestone but I had always worked. ALWAYS. Sometimes 2-3 jobs because I could and I loved it. I felt like I couldn’t go shopping or just buy little things I wanted because our money didn’t really feel like our money. Sometimes it runs through my mind now but not as often. I feel bad for not being able to contribute, money wise. Ricky would constantly tell me how I contribute to the household by staying home. He would constantly say things like, “Caleb could never do summer camp if you weren’t here to be with him”, “The kids would have to be raised by strangers if you weren’t here to be with them”, “If you weren’t staying at home, I wouldn’t be able to stay at work later and help create a better life for us”, “If you didn’t stay home this wouldn’t be home.” All the nice things he would say and I would still feel inadequate. I cried, a lot. Especially when I was alone with Mila. I would just think about how I wasn’t meant for this. I would sit and just binge watch every show known to man and be in the same spot as I was in when Ricky left for work. I would talk to my doctor about baby blues but like I said, I hid all of this very well. I eventually told my doctor about what I was feeling and the steps I was taking that did not include medication and he assured me that I was on the right track.

I started seeing a Reiki Practitioner regularly. Her name is Peggy and I just couldn’t imagine being on this positive journey without her being the person I needed to have these deep talks with. I could cry and laugh and logically think while I was with her while she would uplift me and and keep my energy up. Ricky and I would see her and we went a couple times together. She would give us advice on how we can help each other and how to not make it seem so personal when we try to help each other. She would teach us to say things in kind loving ways because we were both fairly fragile. Me more than Ricky but she has been the biggest blessing for us. Although I still struggle with PPD.. I know that I can get through it little by little. And I have Peggy to thank for most of it, if I am being honest. She was the missing piece in what I needed the first time around. Someone to just talk to that was like a 3rd party in a way. She was unbiased in the topics we would talk about and I was at ease. All the hurt I was feeling could be released with her and I cannot thank her enough. YoRei Life- Book a Session with Peg or Kathy


I create vision boards and live every week with a different mantra to help me through my journey. My family is very supportive and I couldn’t be happier, honestly. People struggle with this, more than you think. It’s important for each of us to approach each other with kind words, but if you need to check a bitch, then you fucking do it. Other than that, I’ve learned that if I am not kind to myself I cannot be kind to others and I feel like a broken record by saying that but it’s true. I say that to myself each time I have a negative thought and then I vow to make someone’s day every time I think that because if I am thinking negatively about myself then I know others can put themselves through the same issues. It’s important to be open and to seek help if we need it. Therapy is not a bad thing. Therapy works wonders if you need it. If you don’t, more power to you! But if you do, it is okay to seek it.

I’m April. A mom of 2 struggling to fight PPD and I am here to talk if you need me. I am always available for topics like this… and for the latest gossip but like who isn’t?! 🙂 
Reach out, I’d love to talk, virtually, grabbing coffee, baby dates… I am down for it all. 



April- The New Mom On The Block