My Husband Doesn’t Change Poop Diapers


You read that right, my husband does not change poop diapers. 

I know what you all are thinking; the moms reading this are probably like, “I seriously can’t believe you do not MAKE your husband change poop diapers.” and the dads are probably like, “What kind of deal did he score because I WANT IN.”

If I am being honest, I want in too… only the Lord knows how many of those stinky things have made me reconsider motherhood altogether but such is life and I’ve made somewhat of a game with it now. No, ew, I do not play with the poop but changing time has been filled with a lot more laughter to make up for all the grossness that seeps out. Anyway, this is about my husband not my fascination with changing time LOL

My husband does not not change poop diapers out of choice, he just can’t.

It’s plain and simple. He just doesn’t change them. Not because he is an awful father or husband or because he finds it demeaning to his manhood. My husband is the most loving father and husband and he respects me as his wife and equal partner. Does he go to work all day and do I stay at home? Yes, but that does not make us different in what we bring to the table. We simply bring different important aspects home. We both take care of the house and take care of our children. 

If you clicked on this to find me bashing my husband for not changing diapers then you’ve got it all wrong. This post is to let people know that it is OKAY to not change them.

My husband was man enough to come to me and say, “Look babe, when she comes I cannot change poop diapers. I will gag.” My mother, his mother, and I looked at him and started laughing. We thought he was joking and we reassured him that once the baby came he would be fine. He told us we needed to believe him and he did not want to hear me complaining about it when she came because he warned me. Right, honey, sure. 

FAST FORWARD 9 months later and we have this beautiful baby girl who rushed into the world. Hubby was good with the first poops. You know, the ones that look like tar that the babies get right when their born because it’s like leftover whateverness that they got from the womb. Well, those he was fine with. She only had like 2 of them so no biggie. 

I stayed home so obviously I got more of the poop diapers than he got anyway. But one night, we were all at my Mother-In-Law’s house (Mila was about 2 months at this point) and I picked Mila up and there it was… poop ALL OVER her back. Ricky (my husband-intro on hubby coming soon) quickly grabbed Mila and took her to the changing table. I thought to myself, “See, I knew he would be able to handle this.” As I cleaned off the poop from the blanket she was on and my arm I hear Ricky yelling my name and asking me to come quick! I thought she fell or something was wrong so I rushed over and he looked me dead in the eye and said, “I cannot do this. I almost threw up on her.” My poor hubby was LITERALLY gagging. I wanted to laugh but I also felt so bad for not believing him. He warned me and I did not listen. Best believe I don’t take anything lightly anymore! 

As our daughter got older he would try and help me out when the poop diapers came and every attempt ended with me changing it. I liked doing it. I liked being able to help my husband with something because he is always helping me with things I cannot do or don’t know how to do. Then, the moment came… 

I was having a girls day out

I didn’t do anything crazy. I just went to get my nails done. Ricky calls and says, “Hey, where are you?” Me: “I’m at the nail salon getting my nails done.” Ricky: “So like how long will it take you to get home?” Me: “LOL, umm probably in another hour or so.” Ricky: “She pooped and if you were close by I was going to see if you could just change it when you got home but don’t worry, I’ll do it! Love you!” *hangs up* I just sat there and thought omg, he is really doing it. I am so proud! I am pretty sure Ricky’s version did not seem as calm but he seemed pretty put together in my opinion! 

From that moment on, anytime I am out he still calls to see if I am close and sometimes I am and tell him not to worry and I’ll be there ASAP! My husband does a lot to take care of us and adores our little monsters to death and would do anything for them so it is OKAY if he cannot/does not change poop diapers.

Leave a comment below and let me know if your hubby or wifey doesn’t do the deed of changing the stinkies! I am here to let you know it is okay! Let’s just take it one poop diaper at a time! LOL

Here is a little peek at my hubba hubba husband *inserts fire heart eye emojis here*



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