Who is The New Mom on the Block?

Hey there. Welcome to The New Mom on the Block: A Millennial Mom Blog. 👩‍💻

I know what you’re thinking… another millennial lifestyle blog trying to tell me how I should run my life… Girl, if I could run my own life properly maybe I’d give that a go but I’m just out here trying to get through the next bottle of wine as fast as I can as I count box tops for the rest of my son’s 4th grade life 😒

I am April.. April Moore and I’m just a regular, schmegular girl from Gwinnett County, GA. I love my crazy family, being sarcastic, all things tea related, and Cardi B… among other things.

This was not my idea of my first post to share with you all. I was planning out some super EXTRA post that would make it look like I’m a professional blogger instead of a total noob but life is life and I’ll get there soon enough!

But on to the important stuff:

New Mom On The Block is a way for me to share all kinds of stuff with other moms, pregnant mamas, and future mamas, dads, dads with pregnant mamas, and future dads. Essentially, this blog is for EVERYONE. I want to share with you the ups and downs of being a mom, wife, friend, daughter, and woman all in one! I know we can all relate to each other and I really want to hear from you guys if you have similar stories to what I may post or even if you have your own story. This is for US and I love US.

It’s currently 10pm and I’m in bed wondering if this post is enough and also wondering if I’ll get 8 hours of sleep tonight? 🤔

With that being said, stay tuned for 20 fun facts about me tomorrow! I’m off to get my 8 hours (2019 resolution that’ll last about 2 days) 😂


April – The New Mom on the Block