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This blog post written by my good friend, Julie, made me think about a certain drawing I kept, scanned and have filed away in numerous locations so I never lose it. Unfortunately, I failed to write down when my daughter drew it or why, so I just did a search online to get info on my own child’s drawing because I had blogged about this previously while living in Sugar Land, Texas. Thank goodness for blogs and Facebook and Twitter and all the places we now post funny things about our kids! If you’re like me and failed to keep a journal of cute things your kids have said, I bet there are some drawings, photos or random things you’ve kept that may spark some memories.

This one sure did. Well, after I read my old blog post.

As I wrote in my blog two years ago, my daughter (who was 6 years old at the time) brought me this picture not too long after I had reprimanded her for leaving a mess behind in the living room. (See previous post about Extreme Tidying.) I wasn’t sure how to react to the words, “Mean Momy,” but the drawing of me apparently hanging from a tree branch was even more disturbing than the words.


“You think I am a mean mommy?” She looked at me with this puzzled look, which I took as,”Well, duh. You just yelled at me.”

“What am I doing there hanging from the tree?” I didn’t really want to hear the answer I expected to hear. However, I couldn’t understand why my seemingly sweet baby was wanting me to die a horrible death hanging from a beautiful cherry tree. (So ironic, because I love cherries.)

“You’re swinging,” she said, innocently. Swinging? So, I’m not dead yet. I am lingering and suffering. She must really hate me.

“And I’m swinging with you,” she continues.


“It’s a tire swing,” she points to the drawing. “That’s you sitting on the swing holding me. It says: ‘Me and Momy.'”

Well, of course, I knew that all along.



One Response to Mean Mommy

  1. Kerry Rossow says:

    BAHAHAHA! I vow to write down more….I vow to write down more…
    Although, these stories often do not reflect well on me?

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